AutoreParini Secondo

What Will Happen Tomorrow

A Rock Opera by Bremo and Parini Secondo

2022 – ON TOUR


2020 official video

© Eleonora Mari

Headbanging, cheerleading, distortion and lo-fi: this is Bremo and Parini Secondo‘s show, a rock opera in three acts that is unafraid to wink, blatantly cutie and unashamedly pop. A stadium dream: amid hellish vibes and sharp looks, the group confronts you insinuating the question what will happen tomorrow?

© Eleonora Mari

Bremo and Parini Secondo’s new project plays on the aesthetics of the pop concert and its iconic elements to create a performance in which the boundaries between live music and dance blur to the point of blurring. 

The pieces composed by the Bremo (Nicolò Mingolini and Sara Pizzinelli) are part of a new production that sees their lo-fi approach take an overtly stage and pop form. Parini Secondo (Sissj Bassani, Martina Piazzi, Camilla Neri, Francesca Pizzagalli), after the experience of SPEEED, takes the Para Para technique and adapts it, transforming it, to the synth-wave of Bremo. The combination of the two formations realizes a stadium dream, with a punk and fluid approach, between hellish distortions and some winks 😉 

What Will Happen Tomorrow is a rhetorical question that should be read with a smile, an ancestral doubt that urges us to act, act today. 

What Will Happen Tomorrow
A rock opera by Bremo and Parini Secondo

With: Sissj Bassani, Nicolò Mingolini, Camilla Neri, Martina Piazzi, Francesca Pizzagalli, Sara Pizzinelli 
Music: Bremo
Choreography: Parini Secondo
Production: Glauco Salvo
mix: Alberto Ricca/Bienoise 
master: Nick Foglia 
With the support of: Artaj (Cesena), Festival Scintille (Verbania) 

© Eleonora Mari


  • 15/04/2022 Artaj Cesena IT
  • 1/05/2022 Santarcangelo di Romagna IT
  • 14/05/2022 Spazio WEBO, Pesaro IT
  • 30/07/2022 BOLLE Festivalino, Casa Madiba Rimini IT
  • 1/08/2022 Podere Bislacco, Savignano sul Rubicone IT
  • 25/08/2022 Casa Ceretti Laboratorio per l’arte, Verbania IT
  • 24/08/2022 Mastronauta, Omegna IT
  • 25/08/2022 Festival SCINTILLE, Verbania IT
  • 10/12/2022 Visioni Periferiche, Borello IT
  • 16/04/2023 Supernova Festival, Rimini IT

be me

with Magdalena Öttl


be me interview

© André Symann

There’s no wind in the Internet
Just clouds and windows
No wind, no wind, no wind, no wind   

There’s no me in the night we met
Where’s the sound in the words that you just said
Be me, be me 

be me 

© André Symann

be me is a dance performance born from the encounter between Parini Secondo (Sissj Bassani,  Martina Piazzi, IT) and Magdalena Oettl (DE) during a 4-month coexistence in Essen within the  KreativCampu.Ruhr program. The result of this long period of cohabitation is a choreographic  template shown for the first time on 25th March at Kunsthallen Bochum. Inspired by the concept of meme, most commonly used as a linguistic sign within online  communities, Parini and Magdalena created a device which highlights the self organisational mechanisms of a small community populated by seven performers and witnessed  by an online audience. Through copying and imitation, the whole community is the author of the  choreography which becomes solid just in the moment of staging. Silent agreements are floating in  the space, carried by the wind they spread like a rumor and promote the existence of a temporary  truth.

be me
By Parini Secondo & magdalena öttl

Performance: Sissj Bassani, Lucas Lopes, Camilla Neri, Martina Piazzi, Francesca Pizzagalli, Eliza Trefas
Music: Alberto Ricca/Bienoise
Visual Design: Daniel Gugitsch
Technical Support: Wolfram Lakaszus
Webdesign: Tommaso Gagliardi

Developed between november 2020 – april 2021 in the frame of Kreativcampus.Ruhr Artists in  Residence International Co-Production It’s not my responsibility to get famous, a project by ecce  GmbH. Supported by Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia In Cooperation with Kunsthaus Essen, Maschinenhaus Essen, Kunsthallen Bochum Further Support by the city of Essen, city of Bochum, municipality of Savignano Sul Rubicone (IT)

Thanks to: Valentina Tanni, Edoardo Sansonne, WerkStadt Takeover Pact Zollverein, Annette Wolter, Matteo  Santini, Jana Kerima Stolzer, Philipp Steffens, Cesare Biguzzi/Wereading


  • 25.03.2021 ONLINE PREMIERE from Kunsthallen Rottstr5
  • 09-10.04.2021 Maschinenhaus Essen (DE)
  • 16.08.2021 Podere Bislacco, Savignano sul Rubicone (IT)



ROCCO_rOmegna Mia

© Samuel Fuscà

ROCCO is an online artistic research. It’s born from the stratification of information on the web, from the continuous overlapping of research windows, capable of connecting the most disparate contexts. It’s what remains of the journey through the connections between materials on the net. Connections are provided by links that lead to the extremes of a web of relationships, expanding it and finding increasingly absurd links. It is the testimony of an individualistic yet hyper-connected generation. Everyone can create new relationships and everyone possesses those already present, as a tradition.

© source online – Bagno Corrado n.2 Gatteo a Mare (FC)

ROCCO chooses to stage the group dances as a bridge between the tradition of the Italian region of Romagna and that of the Internet, using choreographed forms copied from YouTube tutorials. The dance is a loop, in which each participant has the freedom to open a window and follow its own drift, creating new relationships and expanding the web. The dance is not demanding, it is part of a collective consciousness that belongs ab origine (by tradition) to each participant. It is a dance of the crowd and the crowd is what qualifies it, making it a language.


Concept Parini Secondo
With Sissj Bassani, Camilla Neri, Martina Piazzi, Francesca Pizzagalli and more
Sound Livia Malossi, EDMMARO, Alberto Ricca/Bienoise
Supported by Laboratorio Danza & Teatro (Cesena, IT), Mastronauta (Omegna, IT), Performact (Torres Vedras, PT), theWorkRoom (Milan, IT)
© Andrea Ruschetti

ROCCO does not have an author: whoever participates, owns the dance.


  • ROCCO for rOmegna Mia, Mastronauta (Omegna, IT, 2018-2019);
  • the WorkRoom (Milan, IT, 2019);
  • Performact (Torres Vedras, PT, 2019);
  • Multiplicidade (Santa Cruz, PT, 2019);
  • IndiePride (Bologna, IT, 2019).



©  Gus Bo

The first research carried out by Parini Secondo is PARSEC, a study on the concept of absurdity applied to improvisation that seeks a synthesis between movement and physical and philosophical theoretical studies. Each PARSEC episode is different and it is strictly related to the space in which it happens. The word parsec is an astronomical unit of measure that was used before the light-year: with PARSEC, Parini measures itself with the spaces he crosses, building habitats through movement, objects and sound and creating absurd relationships with the performative place.


Concept Parini Secondo
With Sissj Bassani, Camilla Neri, Marina Piazzi, Francesca PIzzagalli ad more
Sound Livia Malossi and more
Supported by Laboratorio Danza & Teatro, Katriém Cult. Ass., Ass. Ishmael & The Elephant/WeReading
©  Gus Bo


  • PARSEC|PARSEC for BIM! Microfestival for Children by Katriém Ass. Cult., Santarcangelo di Romagna (IT)
  • PARSEC for MAIONESE, homemade vernissage, Bologna (IT)
  • PARSEC|What happened to Old McDonald? for OPUS 1 10th International Competition for Young Choreographers, Celje (Slovenia) and Front+a Festival, Murska Sobota (Slovenia)
  • PARSEC|2001 for U.F.O. Take Off Party by Mastronauta and Migma Collective, Omegna (IT)
  • PARSEC|Ibiza for ArtistInCasa Festival, Republic of San Marino (in collaboration with We Reading)
  • PARSEC for U.F.O. Art and sound festival, Omegna (IT) with the video installation BARBARA & friends
  • PARSEC for IndiePride, Bologna (IT) in collaboraction with We Reading
©  Giuseppe Casalinuovo
© Gus Bo



U.F.Oria Research period at Mastronauta (Omegna, VCO) and Hydro (Biella, BI) with MIGMA Collective

be me
with Magdalena Oettl
Podere Bislacco, Savignano sul Rubicone (IT) – in collaboration with We Reading

Motonave Adriatic Princess, Gatto a Mare (IT)

Danza Urbana, Bologna (IT)


be me
with Magdalena Oettl
online on
from ESSEN (DE) – Maschinenhaus

premiére It’s not my responsibility to get famous (WT)
with Magdalena Oettl
online on
from BOCHUM (DE) – Kunsthallen


Parini is a fictitious character with a feline face, a choreographic project and a future piadina’s restaurant.

Parini Secondo was born in 2017 from an idea of Sissj Bassani (Cesena, 1997) and Martina Piazzi (Bologna, 1997), involving Camilla Neri (Lugo, 1997) and Francesca Pizzagalli (Cesena, 1997).

The collective works on the movement in a protean way, questioning the limits of authorship and up-to-dateism. With an ecological and ready-made act, the group remixes other people’s ideas and choreographic materials taken from the online world, often in the form of tutorials, assembling choreographies through sampling. Parini exploits and supports the potential of open source and DIY [do-it-yourself].

From 2019 the collective collaborates with the musician, producer and teacher Alberto Ricca/Bienoise (Verbania, 1985), who is present in the creation of the projects “i”(2019), ROCCO(2019) and “SPEEED”(2020).

Since its foundation, the collective has participated in several festivals, events and competitions:
BIM! BIM! Microfestival for Children by Katriém Ass. Cult. (Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy, 2017); MAIONESE home vernissage (Bologna, Italy, 2017-2018); OPUS 1 International Dance Competition for Young Choreographers (Celje, Slovenia, 2018-2019); U.F.O. Art&sound Festival by Mastronauta and Migma Collective (Omegna, Italy, 2018-2020); Fron+@ Festival (Murska Sobota, Slovenia, 2018); ArtistInCasa Festival (Republic of San Marino, 2018); theWorkRoom by Fattoria Vittadini (Milan, Italy, 2019); NAOcrea at DidStudio by Ariella Vidach/AiEP (Milan, Italy, 2019); Multiplicidades Festival (Santa Cruz, Portugal, 2019); INDIEPride Festival (Bologna, Italy, 2019); ELEMENTI Festival by Magma & Mu (Cervia, Italy, 2020).

In 2020-21 Parini is one the winners, together with Magdalena Oettl, of KreativCampus.Rhur residency program funded by Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine- Westphalia and carried out by ecce – European Centre for Creative Economy.