It’s not my responsibility to get famous (premiére march 2021)

A production by Parini Secondo and Magdalena Oettl (DE) about memes and how they spread as replicating ideas within a community. Winner of KreativCampus.Rhur 2020 (ecce – european centre for creative economy).


A musical and choreographic project conceived by Parini Secondo and Bienoise, inspired by Para Para and Eurobeat music.


An online artistic research which stages the group dances as a bridge between the tradition of the Italian region of Romagna and that of the Internet, using choreographed forms copied from YouTube tutorials.


A solo based on the concept of entropy which wishes to analyze the relationship between time and disorder, first collaboration with the producer Bienoise.


A series of episodes on the concept of absurdity applied to improvisation, strictly related to the space in which happen.