ROCCO_rOmegna Mia

© Samuel Fuscà

ROCCO is an online artistic research. It’s born from the stratification of information on the web, from the continuous overlapping of research windows, capable of connecting the most disparate contexts. It’s what remains of the journey through the connections between materials on the net. Connections are provided by links that lead to the extremes of a web of relationships, expanding it and finding increasingly absurd links. It is the testimony of an individualistic yet hyper-connected generation. Everyone can create new relationships and everyone possesses those already present, as a tradition.

© source online – Bagno Corrado n.2 Gatteo a Mare (FC)

ROCCO chooses to stage the group dances as a bridge between the tradition of the Italian region of Romagna and that of the Internet, using choreographed forms copied from YouTube tutorials. The dance is a loop, in which each participant has the freedom to open a window and follow its own drift, creating new relationships and expanding the web. The dance is not demanding, it is part of a collective consciousness that belongs ab origine (by tradition) to each participant. It is a dance of the crowd and the crowd is what qualifies it, making it a language.

Concept Parini Secondo
With Sissj Bassani, Camilla Neri, Martina Piazzi, Francesca Pizzagalli and more
Sound Livia Malossi, EDMMARO, Alberto Ricca/Bienoise
Supported by Laboratorio Danza & Teatro (Cesena, IT), Mastronauta (Omegna, IT), Performact (Torres Vedras, PT), theWorkRoom (Milan, IT)
© Andrea Ruschetti

ROCCO does not have an author: whoever participates, owns the dance.


  • ROCCO for rOmegna Mia, Mastronauta (Omegna, IT, 2018-2019);
  • the WorkRoom (Milan, IT, 2019);
  • Performact (Torres Vedras, PT, 2019) as a workshop;
  • Multiplicidade (Santa Cruz, PT, 2019); -IndiePride (Bologna, IT, 2019).