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Parini Secondo

Parini Secondo was born in 2017 from an idea by Sissj Bassani (Cesena,1997) and Martina Piazzi (Bologna, 1997) and involves dancers Camilla Neri and Francesca Pizzagalli. Questioning the relationship between art and originality, the group uses choreography to sublimate pop trends, drawing inspiration from material already present online. They collaborate with musician, producer and teacher Alberto Ricca/bienoise (Verbania, ’85), emphasising the importance of the relationship between music, rhythm and dance.

In 2020, SPEEED was born, selected for La Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore 2022 with a national and international tour of more than 20 dates in 2023/24. In 2021 Parini and Magdalena Oettl sign the international co-production be me, winner of the KreativCampus.Rhur residency programme of ecce – european centre for creative economy (Essen, DE) and supported by the Ministry of Science and Culture of North Rhine-Westphalia. With do-around-the-world (2023), Parini is selected for the NID Platform and with HIT (2024) receives support from SIAE ‘For those who create’, signing a co-production with Santarcangelo Festival and Bolzano Danza and setting a world tour that takes her to France, Norway and Taiwan.
In 2024 Parini created and curated the event Tra questa gente esiste un sentimento within the programming of the Teatro Petrella in Longiano (FC), in collaboration with Cronopios and ATER Fondazione.

Parini Secondo has participated in several events and festivals in Italy and abroad, including Fron+@ Festival (Murska Sobota, Slovenia, 2018); NAOcrea (Milan, Italy, 2019); Multiplicidades Festival (Santa Cruz, Portugal, 2019); ELEMENTI Festival (Cervia, Italy, 2020); Danza Urbana (Bologna, Italy, 2021 and 2023); Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore – Network Anticorpi XL (Ravenna, Italy, 2022); Festival Catalysi (Cesena, Italy, 2022); Supernova Festival (Rimini, IT, 2023), Kilowatt Festival (Cortona, Italy, 2023), B. Motion Festival (Bassano del Grappa, Italy, 2023), MilanOltre (Milan, Italy, 2023), Venere in Teatro (Forte Marghera, Italy, 2023), Taarnby Park Studios (Copenhagen, DK), Le Carreau du Temple (Paris, 2023), Theatre l’Aire Libre (Rennes, FR 2024), La Briqueterie (Paris, 2024), BIT TeaterGarasjen (Bergen, NO 2024), ShineHouse Theatre (Taipei, TW 2024).

Sissj Bassani (Cesena, ’97) is an Italian dancer and choreographer. She is assistant and performer of Claudia Castellucci (Silver Lion Venice Biennale 2020), dancer in the new production INSEL by Panzetti/Ticconi and artistic director of the movement collective Parini Secondo (2017 – present). 

After ballet, her training was completed directly in company contexts dedicated to research and experimental theatre, working first with gruppo nanou (Ravenna, 2013-2017), then with Claudia Castellucci/Societas (Cesena, 2015-present). She has worked among others with Kinkaleri (2018), Daniele Albanese/Stalker (2019), Elisa Sbaragli (2020-present), Valentina Pagliarani (2019), Salvo Lombardo (2016). She devotes herself to radical listening practices with Lola Posani and Glauco Salvo and with the vocal coach Nicoletta Magalotti/NicoNote. Her authorial research is exposed in the collective Parini Secondo – founded in 2017 together with Martina Piazzi – and in the works oro (Ravenna, 2019) and A VASISTAS (Bologna, 2022). 

Martina Piazzi (Bologna, 1997) is a dancer and choreographer recently graduated from the Danish University of Performing Arts in Copenhagen (DDSKS, Denmark 2019-2022) and active in the artistic direction of the collective Parini Secondo, founded together with Sissj Bassani (2017-present). 
In addition to the collective’s work, her authorial journey includes the creation of two solo works: PILE (Copenhagen, 2022) and Untitled Places (Torres Vedras, 2019). In her performing works she meets artist Florin Flueras, for Unexperience and Untitled Unworks at the Prague Biennial (CZ, 2022), Alessandro Carboni, with the project Always Becoming and Unleashing ghosts in urban darkness (IT, 2016-2020), choreographer Malgosia Sus & Paulina Almeida (PT, 2018) and Jija Sohn, for the project Performing Gender (IT, 2018). Her previous training consists of a two-year international course PERFORMACT directed by Ricardo Ambrozio & Gonçalo Lobato (Torres Vedras, 2017-2019); the Tuscan territory training programme AZIONE! directed by Sosta Palmizi (Florence, 2016-2017, Italy) and INNESTI, an interdisciplinary course directed by choreographer Simona Bertozzi (Bologna, 2017, Italy).


Sissj Bassani, Martina Piazzi
+39 331 225 1072 (Sissj)
+39 339 712 7923 (Marty) 

Organization: Margherita Alpini
+39 331 458 8779 

Tech: Alberto Ricca 

Administration: Roberto Berti (Associazione Culturale Nexus-APS) 
+39 347 754 1611 

Social Media: Camilla Neri, Martina Piazzi
camillaneri@hotmail.it / martinapiazzi97@gmail.com 
+39 348 118 9459 / +39 339 712 7923

Birth chart: Francesca Pizzagalli


  • HIT

    New production 2024 – premiere Bolzano Danza

  • HIT out

    New Production 2024 – premiere Santarcangelo Festival


    SPEEED is a choreographic and musical project inspired by Para Para and Eurobeat phenomenon that spread through Tokyo clubs in the 1990s.

  • do-around-the-world

    a new site-specific project with Glauco Salvo and Pier Paolo Zimmermann.

  • What Will Happen Tomorrow

    A Rock Opera by Bremo and Parini Secondo (2022 – on tour)

  • be me

    2021 production Italy-Germany by Parini Secondo with Magdalena Oettl.


    ROCCO is an online artistic research. It’s born from the stratification of information on the web, from the continuous overlapping of research windows, capable of connecting the most disparate contexts.


    The first research carried out by Parini Secondo is PARSEC, a study on the concept of absurdity applied to improvisation that seeks a synthesis between movement and physical and philosophical theoretical studies.




SPEEED – A corpo libero, Roma (RM)

SPEEED – giornate del respiro, Cagliari (CA)

HIT residency at Teatro Petrella, Longiano (FC)

– festival InEquilibrio, Rosignano Solvay (LI)

SPEEED – L’Umbria che spacca, Perugia (PG)

HIT OUT premier – Santarcangelo Festival, Santarcangelo (RN)

– Bolzano Danza, Bolzano (BZ)

premier – Bolzano Danza, Bolzano (BZ)

and What Will Happen Tomorrow – Teatro dei luoghi Fest, Lecce (LE)

– Reggia di Venaria Reale, Piemonte dal vivo, Torino (TO)



Do-around-the-world – Nuovo Grand Tour cerimony, Italian Embassy, powered by IIC Paris

What Will Happen Tomorrow – Bellaria Film Festival, Bellaria (RN)

Residency at Shinehouse Theatre, Taipei (Taiwan)

SPEEED – Want to dance Festival, Taipei

Do-around-the-world – Want to dance Festival, Taipei

Do-around-the-world – Spazio Körper, Napoli (NA)

HIT residency at Samvirket Theatre, Dale i Sunnfjord, Norway

Tra questa gente esiste un sentimento – 4°, night of the Festival curated by Parini Secondo, Teatro Petrella Longiano (FC)

Tra questa gente esiste un sentimento – 3° night of the Festival curated by Parini Secondo, Teatro Petrella Longiano (FC)

Tra questa gente esiste un sentimento – 2° night of the Festival curated by Parini Secondo, Teatro Petrella Longiano (FC)

HIT – Danse Dense Plateforme Professionnelle, La Briqueterie, Paris

Tra questa gente esiste un sentimento – 1° night of the Festival curated by Parini Secondo, Teatro Petrella Longiano (FC)

Residency at La Briqueterie, Paris

Sharing Traning Milano with Marc Rope

Residency at Théatre l’Aire Libre, Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande, Rennes