Parini is a fictitious character with a feline face, a choreographic project and a future piadina’s restaurant.

Parini Secondo was born in 2017 from an idea of Sissj Bassani (Cesena, 1997) and Martina Piazzi (Bologna, 1997), involving Camilla Neri (Lugo, 1997) and Francesca Pizzagalli (Cesena, 1997).

The collective works on the movement in a protean way, questioning the limits of authorship and up-to-dateism. With an ecological and ready-made act, the group remixes other people’s ideas and choreographic materials taken from the online world, often in the form of tutorials, assembling choreographies through sampling. Parini exploits and supports the potential of open source and DIY [do-it-yourself].

From 2019 the collective collaborates with the musician, producer and teacher Alberto Ricca/Bienoise (Verbania, 1985), who is present in the creation of the projects “i”(2019), ROCCO(2019) and “SPEEED”(2020).

Since its foundation, the collective has participated in several festivals, events and competitions:
BIM! BIM! Microfestival for Children by Katriém Ass. Cult. (Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy, 2017); MAIONESE home vernissage (Bologna, Italy, 2017-2018); OPUS 1 International Dance Competition for Young Choreographers (Celje, Slovenia, 2018-2019); U.F.O. Art&sound Festival by Mastronauta and Migma Collective (Omegna, Italy, 2018-2020); Fron+@ Festival (Murska Sobota, Slovenia, 2018); ArtistInCasa Festival (Republic of San Marino, 2018); theWorkRoom by Fattoria Vittadini (Milan, Italy, 2019); NAOcrea at DidStudio by Ariella Vidach/AiEP (Milan, Italy, 2019); Multiplicidades Festival (Santa Cruz, Portugal, 2019); INDIEPride Festival (Bologna, Italy, 2019); ELEMENTI Festival by Magma & Mu (Cervia, Italy, 2020).