with Glauco Salvo and Pier Paolo Zimmermann

2023 – ON TOUR


© Pier Paolo Zimmermann

Through the activity of jumping rope, Parini Secondo together with Glauco Salvo and Pier Paolo Zimmermann creates a performative action and a practice of archiving that ignites places by their intrinsic and veiled acoustic characteristics. 

© Pier Paolo Zimmermann

The instrument of skipping rope is used as an activator of specific acoustic events in places selected for their resonant power. Thus, the video-tutorial, usually intended to emphasise the activity of the jumping subject, is instead used as an event that illuminates the environment, the frame in which the jump is inserted. The gymnastic activity becomes an acoustic and visual meditative pretext, supported and conducted by Glauco Salvo’s subtle electronic interventions – lyrical and illusory glimpses provoked to divert perception – and Pier Paolo’s alienating perspectives.

© Pier Paolo Zimmermann

Following several surveys, the group selects spaces that have an interesting acoustic response towards the skipping of the rope. After a few days of study and observation of the urban sound and light environment, they make a descriptive video fragment that will be added to the ongoing collection that the artists have been working on since January 2023: an archive that narrates the technical progress of Parini Secondo’s skipping activity and recounts the geography of his research path through Pier Paolo’s wide, static and sensitive shots and Glauco’s delicately altered field recordings. 

At the end of the days of research and study, they open to the public the performative device conceived to bring live what happens in the archive, sensitising perception to what the spaces and environments already offer.

by Parini Secondo, Glauco Salvo, Pier Paolo Zimmermann

Concept: Parini Secondo
Jump: Sissj Bassani, Martina Piazzi 
Field recordings and electronic sound: Glauco Salvo 
Video and editing: Pier Paolo Zimmermann 
Organizations: Margherita Alpini

Supported by: Cantieri/Network Anticorpi XL, AMAT Marche, Culture Moves Europe, Magdalena Oettl
further supports: parsec Bologna, ORA – Orobie residenze artistiche (SO), KOMMA Production (Copenhagen, DK), MarcRope Milano, CSC – Centro per la Scena Contemporanea (Bassano del Grappa, IT), Armunia (Castiglioncello, IT), Taarnby Park Studio (Copenhagen, DK)

Production: Nexus Factory, Parini Secondo

© Pier Paolo Zimmermann


  • 04/03/2023 – parsec Bologna (BO)
  • 29/05-03/06/2023 – ORA Orobie Residenze Artistiche, Sondrio (SO)
  • 15/07/2024 – Civitanova Danza, AMAT marche (MC)
  • 07/09/2023 – Festival DanzaUrbana, Bologna (BO)
  • 07/04/2024 – Spazio Körper, Napoli (NA)
  • 21/04/2024 – Want to dance Festival, Taipei (TW)
  • 21/05/2024 – Nuovo Grand Tour cerimony, Italian Embassy, Paris (FR)
  • 29/06/2024 – Festival InEquilibrio, Rosignano Solvay (LI)