What Will Happen Tomorrow

A Rock Opera by Bremo and Parini Secondo

2022 – ON TOUR


2020 official video

© Eleonora Mari

Headbanging, cheerleading, distortion and lo-fi: this is Bremo and Parini Secondo‘s show, a rock opera in three acts that is unafraid to wink, blatantly cutie and unashamedly pop. A stadium dream: amid hellish vibes and sharp looks, the group confronts you insinuating the question what will happen tomorrow?

© Eleonora Mari

Bremo and Parini Secondo’s new project plays on the aesthetics of the pop concert and its iconic elements to create a performance in which the boundaries between live music and dance blur to the point of blurring. 

The pieces composed by the Bremo (Nicolò Mingolini and Sara Pizzinelli) are part of a new production that sees their lo-fi approach take an overtly stage and pop form. Parini Secondo (Sissj Bassani, Martina Piazzi, Camilla Neri, Francesca Pizzagalli), after the experience of SPEEED, takes the Para Para technique and adapts it, transforming it, to the synth-wave of Bremo. The combination of the two formations realizes a stadium dream, with a punk and fluid approach, between hellish distortions and some winks 😉 

What Will Happen Tomorrow is a rhetorical question that should be read with a smile, an ancestral doubt that urges us to act, act today. 

What Will Happen Tomorrow
A rock opera by Bremo and Parini Secondo

With: Sissj Bassani, Nicolò Mingolini, Camilla Neri, Martina Piazzi, Francesca Pizzagalli, Sara Pizzinelli 
Music: Bremo
Choreography: Parini Secondo
Production: Glauco Salvo
mix: Alberto Ricca/Bienoise 
master: Nick Foglia 
With the support of: Artaj (Cesena), Festival Scintille (Verbania) 

© Eleonora Mari


  • 15/04/2022 Artaj Cesena IT
  • 1/05/2022 Santarcangelo di Romagna IT
  • 14/05/2022 Spazio WEBO, Pesaro IT
  • 30/07/2022 BOLLE Festivalino, Casa Madiba Rimini IT
  • 1/08/2022 Podere Bislacco, Savignano sul Rubicone IT
  • 25/08/2022 Casa Ceretti Laboratorio per l’arte, Verbania IT
  • 24/08/2022 Mastronauta, Omegna IT
  • 25/08/2022 Festival SCINTILLE, Verbania IT
  • 10/12/2022 Visioni Periferiche, Borello IT
  • 16/04/2023 Supernova Festival, Rimini IT